Custom Homes

General Information

Construction services are offered in Houston, Texas, and in the Montgomery county Lake Conroe Texas area north of Houston, Texas by Mastercraft Homes, and several other builders who build with a Smithome Design and construct custom built homes. Newhome Consulting offers an owner-builder program for those wishing to build their own home.

Mastercraft Homes would welcome the opportunity to build your new home. Please feel free to contact us at (808) 688-6400 to schedule an appointment with Monte Smith. At that time we will set up a meeting to go over the plans and review your specifications and allowances. Completing the cost of construction for your home typically takes around 10 days.

Custom Homebuilding

When home buyers are ready to have their dream home built, the biggest decision to be made is who they will choose as their building contractor. The number one criteria that should be considered when building your dream home, is an excellent quality of communication between the contractor and home buyer. Mastercraft Homes believes you should be able to consistently communicate with your builder, considering there are hundreds of decisions to be made when your home is under construction.

The second most important consideration is confidence in your builder. Your builder should be entrusted to build a quality home, using the best materials and most reliable subcontractors available, while staying within your budget allowances. Selecting a building contractor is much like selecting an attorney who will represent you in a legal matter, or a doctor with whom you are entrusting your life and your care. This is where the relationship between builder and homeowner is crucial, as the builder should be relied upon to complete necessary procedures and work toward the homebuilder’s best interest. Although lower bidding builders may appeal to the pocket book, in all probability they will not ensure a quality product or level of service that would ultimately be worth the supposed savings. Just as the surgeon who specializes in his chosen field, and the attorney that has a proven track record, your chosen builder should be someone with whom you can have a positive experience and come away feeling good about the investment of professionalism.

Smithome Builders will price out the cost of your home and draw up the contract documents, which will contain all plans and specifications. A timetable for completions and selections will be reviewed at the time the contract is signed.

Design and Build

It is our philosophy and perspective that homebuyers have a greater advantage when they select a design-build company to build their home. By selecting the builder of choice and qualification, rather than putting out a plan for bidding purposes, puts the homebuyer in the driver’s seat right from the start. Smithome also works with several builders who have their homebuyers commit to their building company, with Smithome providing the designing aspects.

The advantage of having a design-build company design your house plan is so that hidden cost factors, associated with design changes, can be manifested right from the beginning. Some of our clients ask that we design in accordance their budget. We are able to get them as close as we can by efficiently designing areas of importance, including those that receive highest consideration on their “wish list”. We believe in keeping the homeowner apprised as to the cost of their home and we can actually price out the cost of the home after the preliminary plans are completed. In the end, we believe that this is a more viable option for the homebuyer, and will eliminate any unwelcome surprises within the process.

One of the biggest misconceptions of home purchasers is their belief that the standard cost per square foot is the same for all home plans, and that any cost difference is a direct profit for the builder. This is not true, as costing out a house is like asking how much a bag of groceries costs. The answer is a result of what is placed in the bag. The same is true in designing a home, as it will depend on the design, the specifications, the allowances, and the skill of the subcontractor.

Smithome Designs will guide you toward making the best decisions possible, so that your home stays within budget. Designing and building a home that has never been built, is not an exact science. Changing materials and labor costs is sometimes like shooting a moving target at best, which is why so many builders/designers miss their mark. The biggest advantage with having Monte Smith as your designer is you will have someone who has been a framing contractor, builder and designer which allows better explanations to the home buyer during the design phase.  The design-build advantage includes one point of contact, from project conception, to project completion. This ensures that client’s building plans are executed with maximum precisions and consistency, minimizes cost overages and unexpected expenditures, avoids costly errors, saves time, minimizes client stress, maximizes client’s creative input, and eliminates finger-pointing between subcontractors.

I often ask a homebuyer, who is looking to put their home out to bid, if they are going to hire the builder with the lowest bid. Their answer is typically “no”. I also ask them to consider what would happen if all bids came in close to the same and they liked all the builders, and their answer is usually “I don’t know”.

Interviewing builders before starting the design process is important in finding out how the builder services their products, and the need of researching their previous track record. Remember that your house is a service product when it is being built, and the house becomes a home, as well as a commodity, when it is sold.

Construction Management

Smithome Builders can be hired to build your home on a fee basis. Contact Monte Smith at (808) 688-6400.

Owner Builder Program

For those wishing to build their own home, Newhome Consulting will offer a service to help save you money with the owner builder program. Contact Monte Smith at (808) 688-6400.