About the Designer

With Over 27 Years Design Experience,


What distinguishes Monte Smith from other designers? According to his satisfied customer base, his creativity is what makes the difference. Monte, a self-taught designer, has an extensive background as both a framing contractor and a Custom Home Builder. Monte began his home building career in the early 1980's, working for Mastercraft Homes, which is a design/build company that targets the custom home market. Based on this experience, Monte now offers custom designed homes to fit the practical needs of home buyers. Monte’s talent with creative designs has allowed him to establish himself as a leading home designer and builder in the Montgomery County and Lake Conroe area north of Houston, Texas.

Talent and enthusiasm distinguish Monte, as he tackles every job with the same excitement he felt when building his very first home. His clients share in this, as they appreciate Monte’s jovial personality and his sincere concern for their ultimate satisfaction in designing a home within their budget that reflects their personal lifestyle. Monte finds that being open to creative challenges and changes, and paying attention to customer desired detail will allow Monte flexibility in making a custom designed home which is the main ingredient for his winning formula. Monte most enjoys the personal gratification that comes from combining his creative talent with his clients’ personal preferences, as they work together to enhance the character of the home.

Here, at Monte Smith Designs, we strive to provide a high quality set of house plans for the general contractor, builders, and other consumers that are interested in new or spec home construction. These plans provide flexible floor plans that are energy efficient, and hold excellent market appeal for the active lifestyles of today’s consumer.