Modifications are available on all house plan designs. To make modifications call and or make contact with Monte Smith at 808-688-6400 or e-mail your desired changes and after review and consultation a price for the modifications will be quoted. Before any modifications are started the Stock House plans must be purchased.

Once a modification price is negotiated and the aforementioned $660.00 for the stock house plan paid then work will begin for the changes. A preliminary design with the changes will be made and sent to the purchaser of the stock plans for final resolution and approval. The price quoted for the modifications will either be paid before the changes are made or after the preliminary designs are presented to purchaser depending on the degree of difficulty or amount of work; this will be part of the modifications quote agreement. After the modifications are presented and accepted the plans will be completed and six {6} sets of house plans can either be picked up or delivered to your location.

Typical modifications that are made to stock house plans are {1} changes to the front exterior elevation or style of the house; and or such as brick, stucco, siding or stone areas {2} garage size and or door location on front or side {3} Reverse or flip plan {4} making some rooms smaller or larger, moving interior doors, changes to the kitchen or master bathroom, heights of some ceilings and minor structural changes {5} making the house fit on desired property.