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House Plans

Monte Smith, house plan designer for SMITHOME DESIGNS will custom design a set of new house plans or remolding designs for clients who are looking to have a new house built or make additions to their existing homes. He will begin the process using your initial ideas or create the plans by combining your ideas with his, reflecting your building site, style of home, lifestyle and budget.

A meeting will be initiated to review the steps required in completing the design. Please click on the “Custom Home Designs” button the side or at the bottom of this page for information about the design process steps. We may be contracted and or contacted during construction to consult with your building contractor.

Smithome Designs will also design homes for builders speculative and or custom design purposes, and offer the design/build storefront for building contractors wishing to design and build with their customers! Monte Smith will not recommend, refer or offer construction services to the client who has Smithome Designs complete a new house design, remolding design or purchase of a stock plan where the building contractor referred their client to Smithome Designs for their design/build storefront and will reinforce their relationship with their building contractor.


Buy a Set of Stock House Plans

Stock house plans are available for purchase through this website or through contact with Monte Smith designer for Smithome Designs through e-mail, phone calls or through a personal meeting! Stock house plans can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Search House Plans’ button on this website, or by visiting us at the Smithhome Designs home office. Please check footprint information noted on each set of house plans to make sure your selected plan will fit on your specific lot. If you are unsure, please feel free toe-mail a copy of your lot perimeters, and Smithome will verify whether the set of house plans fit on your lot, or if modifications need to be made. When you have made your selection, a payment of $660.00 must be paid by way of check, or through this Pay Pal account. After payment is received six {6} sets of house plans can either be picked up or delivered to your location.

Modifications are available on all house plan designs. To make modifications please make contact with Monte Smith at 808-688-6400 or e-mail monte.msdesigns@gmail.com your desired changes and after review and consultation a price for the modifications will be quoted. Before any modifications are started the Stock House plans must be purchased.

Once a modification price is negotiated and the aforementioned $660.00 for the stock house plan paid then work will begin for the changes. A preliminary design with the changes will be made and sent to the purchaser of the stock plans for final resolution and approval. The price quoted for the modifications will either be paid before the changes are made or after the preliminary designs are presented to purchaser depending on the degree of difficulty or amount of work; this will be part of the modifications quote agreement. After the modifications are presented and accepted the plans will be completed and six {6} sets of house plans can either be picked up or delivered to your location.

Typical modifications that are made to stock house plans are {1} changes to the front exterior elevation or style of the house; and or such as brick, stucco, siding or stone areas {2} garage size and or door location on front or side {3} Reverse or flip plan {4} making some rooms smaller or larger, moving interior doors, changes to the kitchen or master bathroom, heights of some ceilings and minor structural changes. {5} making the house fit on desired property.

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Custom House Plans

Monte Smith House Plan Designer for Smithome Designs will create a house plan that will fit your lifestyle, home site dimensions, elevation style or whatever aspects your home building wish list may contain that will fall within your budget.

Smithome Designs is a design/build company that is located in Hawaii, and the Montgomery County, Lake Conroe area north of Houston Texas. The typical cost of a new home designs starts at $1.30 cents per total square foot drawn. Design cost will vary according to the complexity of design and for additional design pages created, whether for foundations, basements, or interior and exterior details drawn. The process will begin with an initial meeting between Monte Smith Designs and the client to review plan ideas, as well as all steps that must be followed in the design process. The initial meeting will include a quote for cost per square footage that will eventually be charged to the project. The preliminary process is initiated with an $1,500 down payment that will go toward the ending balance that is due after total cost. Now the design phase is allowed to begin, and further contract prices will be quoted, with payment breakdowns in increments of work to be completed.



1. Preliminary Design

A preliminary meeting will take place to discuss design ideas, sketches, or from a Smithome stock plan. These plans can contain any layout of your dream home, as well as any creative ideas the customer chooses to incorporate. Monte will then take these ideas and create the basic design concept. A survey of the lot and location of the home will need to be provided before the building begins. After the down payment is met, the process can begin. Monte will draw up a schematic floor plan, to scale, with design ideas for the front elevation that will be reviewed at a subsequent meeting. Once the preliminary designs have been accepted and approved, the next stage will start, after a second payment is received.


2. Elevations and Electrical

After approval of preliminary designs, suggested electrical pages and all elevations are drawn and reviewed for approval.


3. Final Construction Drawings

After approval of all floor plans, elevations and suggested electrical, Monte will draw a complete set of construction plans that will include detailed floor plans, elevations, suggested electrical, foundation footprints, and the plat of the house as it will set on the property, showing driveway and sidewalks. The building contractor and all trades can use this final set in the building of the home.


4. Foundation

After floor plans and elevations are complete, the foundation footprint will be reviewed by a structural engineer for design details. The customer will then need to provide a soil report. An engineer will design details to be included in the foundation design, based on the floor plan and soil report. Monte will draw design details for construction with an engineer, providing his stamp on the foundation design, which will be an additional charge.


Philosophy and Perspective

Monte Smith’s idea of designing a home is to combine the most efficient use of materials and space, while maintaining the highest level of energy efficiency possible. In addition, he strives to create a style that falls within the design perimeters of existing types of designs, while following examples of designers such as Frank Lloyd Wright, who established the credo, “form follows function”.Monte encourages his clients to take every opportunity to challenge his creativity by incorporating the latest innovations into a home design. The overall beauty of a home is enhanced by certain design elements that allow for the uninterrupted flow of light, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere that can transform a mere house into the home of your dreams. These elements represent the “form” that Frank Lloyd Wright transformed into works of art. Designs by Monte Smith strive to achieve that same level of artistry, with graceful lines in the exterior treatment of eves, windows, and roof lines, each of which will add depth and beauty to the overall appearance of the home. Inside features will give warmth and depth to all living spaces, through the use of open rooms, high ceilings and oversized windows to allow increased sunlight. Creating a custom home design requires both art and skill. Monte will design a home to fit your individual building site, your lifestyle needs and your building budget. Remember, “Creativity makes a difference”.


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