What Our Plans Include

  1. Foundation Footprint (slab on grade typical)
    Typically all exterior dimensions of slab drawn to ¼” = 1’0” unless noted otherwise on plans to that scale. Note: Engineering of the foundation and superstructure does not fall within the scope of work performed by Smithome Designs. All foundation footprints can be used for engineering of basements. It shall be the responsibility of building contractor or purchaser of these plans to have engineering completed by a local engineer. Smithome Designs can be contracted to provide drawings for engineers.
  2. Floor Plans
    All rooms and interior spaces are carefully dimensioned, including locations of all cabinets, windows, door location and dimensions, ceiling and plate line heights, plumbing fixture locations, and suggested electrical layout. Please read the disclaimer regarding ceiling and floor joist layout and local code requirements for structure of house. Typically all floor plans are drawn to ¼” = 1’0”unless noted other wise on plans to that scale.
  3. Exterior Elevations
    All four elevations (front, back, and both sides) show plate line heights, roof pitches and suggested exterior materials and design. Typically details of all four elevations are drawn to ¼” = 1’0”unless noted otherwise on plans to that scale.
  4. Mechanical and Plumbing
    Since mechanical and plumbing selections vary and local codes dictate final layout, actual layout is left up to the mechanical and plumbing contractor. Floor plans may be used by contractor for locations and fixtures.
  5. Cabinets and Interior Design Details
    Cabinets and interior design details are not typically included in a Smithome plan. The design criteria is left up to the building contractor or purchaser of the plans, due to varying design options for appliances, finish details and cabinet styles. Typically all cabinets are located on floor plans at ¼” = 1’0”unless noted otherwise.
  6. Standard Construction Details
    All standard construction details sheets that confirm to the 2006 I.R.C. code shows typical wall sections, cabinet details, closet details, foundation details and other typical construction methods and notes.

Square Footage Calculations

Living Area Square Footage

Calculations are made from outside the exterior frame walls of heated and cooling areas. Stairs are counted once, open two-story and vaulted areas are not included in living area calculation. Decks, porches, garages, basements, attics and fireplaces are not included in living area calculations. Garages, porches or any other covered square footage areas will be calculated using actual overall dimensions. Plans are typically drawn to 1’4” = 1’0” scale unless otherwise noted.

Plan Types

Full Set: The complete set of plans, as described above.

Reverse Set: 1 set of flip plans from original drawings to have garage located on other side of house.

Copyright Notice

All of the home plans by Smithome Designs that are designed by Monte Smith, are protected under the federal copyright laws. Purchase of a home plan allows buyer the permission to build only one home from the plans and does not transfer the copyright or ownership in any way. The designs found within this website are also copyright protected. It is not legal to adapt, change, or redraw our designs. These would be considered “derivative works” of the original, which retain the copyright protection. When buyer purchases a set of plans, buyer may have the plans modified by any builder or engineer in order to meet local building requirements. Any builder or engineer who modifies these plans does not have permission to rebuild. To obtain permission to rebuild these plans, the builder or engineer must purchase plans from Smithome Designs. The copyright laws exist to protect all parties and supports intellectual property of the designer or architect. All Monte Smith designs are copyrighted and are subject to copyright protection as an “architectural work” under section 102 of the copyright act, 17 u.s.o, as amended December 1990, and known as architectural works copyright protection of 1990. Under this protection, unauthorized use of the plans can legally result in cessation of construction buildings being sized and/or monetary compensations to Monte Smith Designs.

No Refund Policy

Because our plans are copyrighted, we cannot allow refunds of our plans. All orders are considered final. Drawings may not be returned once order is completed and house plans have shipped. Please double-check your selection before ordering.

Contact Information

Monte Smith Designs can be reached at +1 (808) 688-6400 or via e-mail at

General Note

Our plans are designed to meet average conditions and applicable codes in the United State at the time they were drawn. Because codes and local requirements can change and vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, Smithome Designs cannot warrant compliance with any specific code or regulation. All Smithome Designs’ plans can be easily adapted to the local building codes and requirements.


The purchaser of this plan is responsible for compliance with all local building codes and for ensuring that the plan is correctly adapted to accommodate local site. The purchaser should consult with a local contractor or structural engineer regarding these matters.

Before construction begins, the purchaser should thoroughly review this plan with the contractor, verify all dimensions and report to the engineer any errors, omissions or questions for clarification, and contractor should verify all structural elements for the plan site with local engineer.

The exact size reinforcement and depth of all concrete footings must be determined by local soil conditions and acceptable practices for construction. The bottom of the footings should extend below frost line before construction begins: the purchaser or contractor should verify the design with a local engineer.

The purchaser of these plans understand all risks associated with adapting the plan to local sites affected by regional variations in climate, local site conditions, design and building codes. Neither Monte Smith Designs nor the designer of this plan may be held responsible for adapting his plan to local site conditions, design changes, Construction means or methods, costs, workmanship, quality of materials or equipment utilized in the construction.

The purchaser is granted the right to build only one structure from this plan (or modified plan). This right extends to the original purchaser only and is not Transferable. These plans are copyrighted by Monte Smith Designs as an “Architectural Work” under Section 102 of the copyright act, 17 U.S.O. as amended December, 1990 and known as Architectural Works Copyright Protection Act of 1990. All derivative works from this plan are copyrighted where copyright laws exist to protect all parties and Supports the Intellectual Property of the Designer.


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